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Flexible Auto Body Hand Sanding Board: The Curvecaster is the only lockable, flexible and adjustable sanding board on the market. It puts the 'control' of the flex in your hands. It's three-way functionality is really three boards in one - it sands convex, concave and flat surfaces. It can be used locked, semi locked or unlocked in a free float setting. The semi locked 'float' mode allows the user to vary the flex as needed while allowing the front of the sanding board to float over the contour being sanding without digging in. It's made of tough, flexible, durable nylon with quick release, easy grip rubber locking knobs and is available with either a Hook Pad* or PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) pad.
* Hook Pad works with hoop & loop fastener type sandpaper and abrasives.
prototype flexible sanding board Flex-Lock-Sand logoGerry Carlson in Jag

The best flexible, adjustable, lockable auto body sanding board available. Numbers are limited, buy now while supplies last. >>> NEW BOARDS ARE IN. ORDER WHILE THEY LAST.